Glossier Las Vegas

2024 Permanent Retail Location

Located within the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Glossier Las Vegas draws its inspiration from vintage marquees lining the iconic Las Vegas Strip, and the bold colors and interactive buttons found on slot machines. Las Vegas attractions are known for transporting visitors into different worlds, from the unmistakable Luxor pyramid, to the roman ruins of Caesar’s Palace, the fabric of the city is a fruit bowl of immersive worlds and environments. Considering how to translate these thematic, iconic visuals in unexpected ways led to a retro-futuristic take on blinking lights and interactive gaming.

Creative references such as circuit board design, alien spaceships, and the unmistakable clear purple Game Boy, led to a design that takes visitors inside a sci fi-esque, minimal space where they can test and try Glossier’s full line of products. With transparent, glowing walls, lime-green tables, and button-activated lighting animations, Glossier Las Vegas is illuminated eye-candy, inviting customers to explore the space and discover hidden buttons and switches that light up the store in exciting, unexpected ways.

Materiality and interactivity play a pivotal role in the design of Glossier Las Vegas. Taking cues from architect Steven Holl, we developed an illuminated, semi-transparent wall system, and rather than using visible light fixtures throughout the store’s interior, the lights glow from within the polycarbonate walls. In contrast to the ethereal glowing walls, we used shiny red buttons, cobalt blue fabrics, and lime-green product testing tables to bring playful, colorful details into the space.

Collaborators: Adriana Deleo, Florence Lam, Julia Muntean
Photographer: Ori Harpaz