Glossier NYC


Glossier NYC draws inspiration from both the origins of the brand and the nuanced details we love about New York City. The use of contrasting materials in our spaces is integral in the Glossier design palette, but with each store we find ways to twist and play with details so the store responds to its context; Glossier NYC is no exception. In many ways, the materiality takes queues from the New York City loft– elegant, raw, familiar, unfinished, with touches of vibrant reds and polished finishes. The atmosphere of an unfinished SoHo loft is achieved through contrasting industrial, raw finishes with softer, more residential textiles and refined details.

Upon entering, guests will be greeted with a “You Look Good.” Embedded in the concrete floor. The main testing floor anchors the space, with two 15-foot long tables to test and try our products. Because this is a central, communal space, we took inspiration from long dining tables and the perspective of looking down the rows and layers of guests trying different products next to one another. As guests continue to explore the space, they will see hidden touches that reference architectural and design motifs found in the New York City Subway. Barrel-vaulted ceilings, accents of red piping and plumbing that reference waterlines inside buildings, and large mosaic-tile murals, done by the same artist whose work can be found in many of the city’s stations, fuse the interior, residential design approach with details you find in day traveling through NYC. A secret “You Look Good.” room in the back of the store features a  larger-than-life Glossier mural and a bench inspired by wooden subway platform seating. We have also devoted a special “gift shop” where customers can find our full line of merch you’ll find in each of our locations. Nestled in the back of the store is a Glossier You lounge featuring a skylight that washes the space in natural light, with a special room dedicated to our community and the stories they tell through beauty.

Glossier NYC will enable visitors to test and try our products in different formats– our patented product testing system where guests can explore and experiment, a special wet bar room for trying our skincare products, and specialized beauty appointments where editors can use their expertise and create a personalized experience catered to the customer and their interests. Throughout a visit to Glossier NYC, we invite you into our uniquely-Glossier space, a place that fosters community, curiosity, and experimentation.