Ru Paul’s Drag Race Premier

Creative Direction with Barlow & Sons
2024 Event

Inspired by vintage off-air motifs, bodega security screens, and glitchy filters, the Ru Paul’s Drace Premier Party came to life in New York’s iconic Hammerstein Ballroom. Guests and Queens enter the historic ballroom, and are immediately transported into a world of glitchy effects, industrial red scaffolding, and layered, interactive elements that spatially connect the idea of “On Air” to the show’s concept.

Working alongside Barlow & Sons Creative and Production, the Queens of Season 16 took the stage and slayed the house down boots, surrounded by monumental structures of scaffolding and lights framing larger-than-life screens that displayed the performances simultaneously with outfit and makeup details. The bar areas featured screens that were tethered to security cameras to create a fun play on security monitor selfies, connecting the concept through both small and large details. 

Collaborators: Alice Barlow - Executive Producer and CEO, Studio RRD - Lighting, Audio - ADI Worldwide, Fabrication - Roc Builders, Decor - Chris Hessney

Photography by Don Ashby