United Therapeutics

2017 Corporate HQ Experience

While the net-zero energy systems of the building were incredibly complex, the goal was to simply and boldly communicate that the Unisphere building operates almost like a living entity, with its own consciousness and repeated behaviors. We designed an artful, circular form inspired by the cyclical nature of the seasons, the sun and the sky, and the passage of time.

The Energy Dial—the arresting installation in the central atrium—uses real-time data to showcase the ebb and flow of the building’s energy. The sculpture shines light outward whenever the building is producing a solar energy surplus and shines light inward if it’s using more energy than is being produced. Its form, scale and behavior encourages a symbiotic relationship between occupant and building as people understand its story immediately.

Collaborators: David Schwarz, David Lehman, Antares Yee